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Welcome to the newly redone  websites dedicated to Stephanie Anne Oliva who passed away on November 4th 2005 following a car accident. Words can't describe what I have been going through since Steph was taken from us. This site is great way for people to get together and share stories, memories, or just to pay tribute to my sister. I also want to use this site to help others who have or are going through similar situations and also for people who have had gone through this to come forward to maybe help other's. If you have any new stories or pictures please email me. 

A Message from Mom (Mooch)

I Would like to ask every one who has visited Stephanie's website if they have a funny story to tell about her or how you were touched in some way by her or how you  met her or anything about her. Please write it on her guest book or you can also put it on her friend page and we can also add a picture on it if you have one or maybe we might have one. We look forward to reading things about her that we may have not have known or hear something funny about her. It helps us get through the day reading things about her. I know my daughter has touched many of you, because knowing over 5500 people from all over came to see her. It was bitter sweet.When you send something you are helping us keeping her alive in our memories and in our hearts. That is what this web site is all about. Everyone who has been in our lives since this tragic accident may GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU


About Steph


Stephanie Anne Oliva was born on April 9, 1987 at St. Mary’s Hospital to Nick and Cindy. She already had her two crazy older brothers, Nicholas age 4 and John sixteen months.  We were all truly ecstatic as we finally have a little girl. She weighed 6 lb. 2 oz. and was 20” long with beautiful blue eyes and lots of hair. She was so beautiful and so tiny!!

Stephanie started smiling at five weeks and making bubbles at two months. At three months all we had to do to make her smile and laugh was to kiss her precious face. She started picking up objects at five months and was sitting up on her own at six and a half months. Steph started to crawl at ten months as was able to crawl down our stairs. Finally, at fourteen months she started walking. She was such a happy baby with a very bright personality. 

At three years old she really started to show how theatrical she was and displayed a vivid imagination. She loved to watch herself in the mirror while singing our acting as if she was a reporter. At the age of three she also started taking dance lessons at Danc’letics. Any time we passed the school she would announce “Dancing School, Tuesdays, in the back!” It was so cute!!! She would never miss a lesson.

Stephanie also was involved with sports. She started playing soccer, softball, and basketball in the third grade. She continued to play through middle school. She always seemed to have fun but she really liked socializing more than competing. She also was in brownies with her friends from St. John’s school as well as being an altar server from fourth till eighth grade. We were so proud especially the years that Steph and her brother John served together.


When she moved up from Arcadia Middle School to Arcadia High School she decided that she wanted to become a cheer leader. She had actually been a Greece Charger Cheerleader was she was eleven. She cheered until eleventh grade as school and cheering became too much for her. Stephanie always was an honor student and took pride in her school work. She also was very well liked as she was smart, cute and extremely funny.

Stephanie had many friends and always would amuse them with her knack for creating words. She always would come up with the craziest abbreviations and nick names. For example; gosp for gossip, presh for precious, shamp for shampoo, and so on. Her friends say that they never met anyone like her as she was truly unique. She was very loyal and was kind hearted as well as being dramatic and a spitfire.

Stephanie seemed to always treat herself as if she was a movie star. She always received plenty of attention from her brothers. They were either helping spoil her or making sure that she stayed away from trouble. She always had the upper hand with everyone and knew how to work situations to meet her needs. And we mean everyone! God may be meeting his match.




Steph graduated from Arcadia on June 28th, 2005. She had very little time off as she started on July 11 attending Shear Ego School of Hair Design. She wanted to become a famous stylist and make-up artist. By the time she made it to the second out of four levels she was already showing her skill as she had the highest grade on the sample board test. She had already impressed Peter Webb, who called her phenomenal and wanted her to work with him upon graduation. He only picked the best of the best. Hearing the praise from Peter Webb made her so proud. She was on cloud nine! Stephanie really loved her friends and teacher at Shear Ego and left them with many funny memories and stories. Again she was the center of attention and had the entire school wrapped around her finger. She had a way of touching people.

Stephanie was basically a homebody. She would spend lots of time in her room fussing with herself. Everything had to be perfect. Her hair, makeup, drawers, and closet were taken care of meticulously. She also loved to go out and have fun with her friends.


Stephanie also loved Disney World. She went there almost every year from age four. Her last visit was in December of 2004 where the family went there for Christmas to visit her brother Nicholas who was there as part of the college program. We all had so much fun seeing how Disney looked at Christmas and even went to Gator land where they tried to pick Stephanie out of the audience to touch some creature. One nigh she was so funny that we couldn’t stop laughing for two hours. We had so much fun with her and never would have thought it would be our last Christmas together.

Stephanie was very much loved by her family and friends. She was very close with her big brothers. Our family will never be the same without her. She was our shining star. She will forever be in our hearts and soul. We now know that she always will be our guardian angel.

Till we meet again, Presh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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