I would like to THANK all the wonderful people who has signed

Stephanie's guest book and sending pages on the friends and family page. That is the best. Keep them coming every one, Hearing your stories just helps us get through. I remember a little story about Stephanie. Her and I were out and about shopping and we driving home on Long Pond Pond near Latta road, We are driving right past Wegmans. and my silly nut says to me, "Mooch are we almost home?" I started to laugh and said, "Stephanie, don't you see the bank and Wegmans? She starts to laugh and says " oh Yeaaa"! She would get lost just pulling out of our drive way. I was so worried when she got her license that when she drove out of our street, I was worried she would just get lost coming out of our driveway. She was so funny because she never knew where she was in Greece. Long as she looked beautiful and had a chauffer she was all set, never cared to get her license till she was 18. But we loved every bit of it. When ever she did silly things she loved to tell every one about it, No shame with that girl, if she can make you laugh, she will use her self to make you laugh. The HEART was so BIG!!!!! Her humor never stopped. :-)   She was a beautiful girl on the outside but also on theinside. Stephanie, I MISS you SOOOOOO MUCH, no one can under stand unless they had lost their child, There is no lost like a lost of your child. Any parent who lost a child, our life was cheated and unfair for the rest of our lives on this earth.. May our Blessed Mother hold my little girl in her arms till I get there. Miss and love you Pheferpooh.I hate each morning and not waking you up saying :it's time to wake up Pheferpooh, Wake up warm up!!!!! Every morning it was. Sooo lonely now

Mom Letters



My Daughter

I still wait each night for you to come home.
But I know you're not, But I still wait.
I must still have trouble comprehending you are really gone from this plane.
Then I say, "Oh" She's just going to be late.

I just don't want to face that my life will never be the same with out you.
With out you, My baby girl, I feel so alone
I know it, But I don't want to know it.
That you will never be coming home.

Two years has gone by and now Holidays.
I panic with anxiety, my nights are long.
It feels like it's been for ever.
When I finally fall asleep, I never want to wake up to face another day
or Holiday.

I am still not sure how I get through each day and another night.
I know my heart struggles with pain each day and night.
It's nothing but a hard fight that will never end.
Feels as though my heart and soul will never mend.

I say to my self, I feel so weak, Why am I strong.
How am I doing this?
How do I live this sad life.
Am I strong?

No magic potion will ever wipe my pain away.
My heart and soul will aways feel that emptiness.
I feel like I still live in a dark cloud.
I just can't stand the thought that you will never be coming home.

PS. Oh, How I miss you and how I think what would have been....
I think of you as the Princess. A great hair stylist, my funny girl,
with your blond roots sooo deep.
A beautiful bride, beautiful mother and just my beautiful daughter, I
only got to have a short time. You were the daughter I always wanted for
ever. I just miss and love you so much. My words, my heart and soul can
not even explain it. I just can't stop waiting for you......

"My Precious" by Cindy O


If we could hold you one more time.
We feel your warmth of life now gone.
If we only had a little more time.
How we miss you from morning till dawn.We look into the depths of your sky blue eyes and
into your very soul.
In those depths, our souls would join and if we could,
Our moments would become eternity.With our hands and eyes we would trace theCurves of your beautiful face and smell the sweetness
of your long silk blonde hair.
We would feel the breath of life as it moves through
You once more.When we look into your room and not see you there is a part of us that dies.
We ask our selves why? But we can’t answer.
You were so young and innocent how could this be?
It was you and us at one time.
Now it’s just us.Although your love has not left.
We can still hear your laughter.
There is so much that can be said.

You are cherished by all.
We love you and how we cherish the memories and the love you left us.
But life will never be the same.
Till we meet again.

Love, Mom, (Moochie)



Yesterday a butterfly floated gently through the sky,
I sat, and watched, and wondered “Why?”
Why are you here?
Are you a messenger from God?
Is there something I should know?
Why are you here?
She drifted close, so I could hear, her message for me from
Someone so dear.Do not count the months or years
Count instead the moments.
The smiles, the tears.”
As I sat in wonder, she took flight,
And I knew in my heart that she was right.
I will cherish my life, my memories, and my moments,
I will always keep in sight,
A beautiful butterfly to remind me,
“Always keep the love in sight”
So do not count the months or years,
Count instead the moments, the smiles, the tears.
What’s not important is how long we’re here,
But the love we share.
This is the most precious thing we can give when we are gone.

-Ann Gibson-


~LOVE YOU 24/7

A Message from Mom to Steph

My baby girl, I miss you so much, my heart has a hole sooo deep, I still can’t stop the tears. My life will never be the same with out you. Every day the emptiness gets stronger and stronger. I miss your laughter, your smile, your voice, your nonsense, your complaints, your silliness and how you can be so funny.And I'll never forget your abreves. Everything we shared, the love and life you gave me. You got my attention every minute. Even when we were angry at each other I still loved you and you still loved me any ways!!!!!! As you have said in your little notes
You were my future with so many plans. You will always be, My Angel, My Butterfly, My Stephanie, you will always live in my heart and you were the little girl I always wanted. You are my STAR!!!!!

Love you and miss you so much my presh.
                 Mom (Moochie)