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Health Essay

Stephanie Oliva  March 13, 2004

Personal health reflection  Period 8

Part 1:

1) Stephanie Anne Oliva

2) Born April 9th 1987, 16 years old

3) 39 Bronze Leaf Trail

4) Living with 4 family members

5) Ten words that describe me are: Independent, Creative, Artistic, Sensitive, Emotional, Honest, Talkative, Humorous, Drama queen, and Organized.

6) Family Member #1~ John (older brother, age 18) Athletic, Funny, Moody, Outgoing, and Smart

 Family Member #2~Dad (Nick Oliva) Intelligent, Strict, Perfectionist, Uptight, and Loving

7) In my family I am most like my oldest brother Nicholas, who is 21 years old, we relate the best because we both have a hard time doing our work and staying focused on jobs and we know what it is like to be always getting blamed for things, therefore we get along so well, and feel we have the same kind of emotions and thoughts in life


8) In 5 years I hope to be graduating from college with a degree in business and my cosmetology license. Then find a nice play to start out working where I can feel comfortable and eventually move up to a higher job in the future when the time is right.

In 10 years I hope to be opening up my own business so I can have my own hairstyling place. I really like this idea because I know it is something I will enjoy doing and have no problem putting all my effort into it.

In 20 years I hope to be successful with my work and settling down with a husband and some children of my own, basically I desire just having a family that I can take care of, and spend my free time with.

9) After school I usually spend my time at home taking a nice nap then I’m off to work around 5 and I get home late and go to bed. On the weekends I like to spend as much time as possible going out with my friends, partying, and shopping. Unfortunately I’m always scheduled to work mornings on weekends so that sometimes can be a pain to wake up after a late night out with the girls! Oh and I also am addicted to the internet (AIM) and it’s not very healthy, I do that a lot of my spare time (not to proud of that one)!

10) On my free time my absolute favorite thing to do is be with my girlfriends because that’s when I feel most comfortable and happy with my self. They always cheer me up when I am down and we have nothing but fun every time I am with them. My least favorite thing to do on the weekends is obviously going to work, I wish I couldn’t only work weekdays, but I need the money to buy a car someday.

11) My friends and I have everything in common; my one friend Jamie and I are so alike, one minute we can be depressed then the next minute were happy about life, it’s weird but we understand each other with out having to say anything.

12) My favorite things to do are: Shop, talk on the phone, dance, read magazines, watch television, go out with friends, party, and boys!

13) My favorite television shows are Real World, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My favorite music to listen to is everything it ranges from Eminem to Christina Auiglera. I can listen to anything and like it.

14) I usually read a lot of magazines, there usually fashion ones like Seventeen, Teen People and YM. I used to like reading books but now I don’t seem to have the time for it.

15) I like all types of movies but out of all the categories I prefer to see comedy because it always sets me in a good mood.

16) What I think my friends like about me is I’m absolutely crazy; I am always the life of the party I just love to have fun. I also think my friends find me funny whether there laughing with me or at me!

17) Friendship is when someone is so special to you that you will do anything for them, and you can relate so well you can almost read each others minds at any time. Good friendships are important to have and very meaningful to have the people you love in your life.

18) I think school is important to complete, although I don’t act interested in school I know it’s the right path to go for anyone to be successful in this world.

19) My short term is to get my drivers license by summer! I can not wait to be able to drive and escape from my house when I feel the need to.

20) My long term goal is to become mentally healthy again and be happy with my life like I used to be also I want to make my parents proud of me.

Part 2:

1) I think my parents are caring. As much as I say I don’t like my parents I truly am glad I have them because they watch out for me all the time and make sure I am always safe. I know they just want the best for me and that’s why they always seem to be nagging me, although I do get annoyed I’m glad to know that they care enough about me to be concerned in everything I do.

2) I’d like to tell my best friends about my health issues but I’m afraid they won’t understand. I have only told two of my closest friends and that was hard enough. I don’t want them to think I’m insane or not normal; it’s just something I wish they could know because it would make things a lot easier for me to tell them the truth sometimes instead of making up lame excuses.

3) I have not had a day that stands out in my life that was the “happiest day” but I do hope to have one and hopefully soon!

4) Many people don’t agree with me about my type of life style or the one I plan to have, my parents do not like my ambitions of doing something in cosmetology, which upsets me because it’s what I’ve loved to do since I was a little girl, and I want to prove them wrong that I am making the right choice. I don’t understand why they want me to pick a more “well paying logical” job then one that I will love and enjoy doing.

5) Physical activity is important for all people to do; it keeps you physically fit and healthy. Every person should attempt a physical activity at least five days a week. Your body needs to be well taken care of so you can look good and feel good as well.

6) In a group I am very easy going and sociable, when in a group for school I don’t usually take control I just do my part of the job and hope everything gets put together when meeting a deadline. In a group outside of school when hanging out with friends I feel very comfortable and able to have fun and not be uptight.

7) I like the best the kind of teacher who is funny, and talks to their students about other things besides “school lessons”. I love teachers when even a few years after having them you still love to visit them in their office, say hi and have a quick chat. I also love when teachers go out of there way to help me pass their class because unfortunately I’m not one to be approaching the teacher I need to be motivated to do so, and also want to do their work, as long as its interesting.

8) In school I do best when I learn through visual things or when the teacher makes the lesson interesting, I also can’t have talkative people around me because I get distracted VERY easily and get sidetracked on other things whether I know it’s less important than my work that I should be doing.

9) I need to be physically active because I am very into my looks and like to stay fit. And I like shopping so much if I don’t stay fit then I cant where certain clothes I want! As shallow as that sounds, I just think everyone should be concerned about there body and exercise more often.

10) People who know me well definantly see a different side of me then most other people. They actually know that I’m not as materialistic as I sometimes make my self seem. They know that I actually am a very caring person and that I do want a happy life and care more about important things then just teenage high school drama, which I seem to get a lot from people who don’t know me that well they all prejudge and think I'm stuck up, cocky, dumb, shallow or only into myself which is so far from the truth it makes me laugh.

11) My bluest days are when someone lets me down, or says something mean to me. I act like it doesn’t hurt me but I’m very sensitive and stupid insults people say to me really do eat me alive, I will think about it for hours and hate myself. I take things way to personal when someone hurts my feelings. One mean thing said to me and my day seems to be nothing but hell, I just want to lie in my bed and cry myself to sleep till I can get over it.

12) If I could do one thing over again I would spend more time with my ex- boyfriend before he moved away because at the time I couldn’t handle seeing him because it hurt me to much and I even knew I’d regret it. Now I just wish I had spent every last minute with him, but I know you can’t go back in time.

13) I am best at anything to do wit fashion I am the person! I have always had an eye for that stuff. It’s in my blood it’s what I live to do!

14) I need to improve in health class, I didn’t take the class seriously enough in the beginning I thought it was going to be and easy elective but come to find out I’m sitting here doing extra credit for it trying to earn every possible point I can get! I also need to improve in a few other classes but health is my lowest one so I’m focusing on this one class at the moment.

15) Health class I actually enjoy the funniest kids and the most diverse group ever is in my class, and I do enjoy learning about our bodies and things along those lines. Even though I’m faiing the class I do like it.

16) P.E and health class are similar because in physical education you do activities and sports to stay in shape and keep you body healthy with cardio work outs and things like that. And in health you learn about your body and how you should be doing physical activities as one of the ways to staying healthy.

17) My greatest strength is my independence; I am able to when I want to be a very hard worker on my own. Most of my life I have taken care of all my own problems and gotten my self out of every situation. I like being independent it’s a good feeling. I’m not one to need a partner I can be alone and very content with what I'm focusing on, in fact I’d rather be left alone sometimes that way I can figure things out in my life and work to my full potential. I usually keep my problems to my self because I’m to handle them myself.

18) Secretly I wish I could be as good as my parents want me to be, as much as I put on a act that I don’t care I wish I could be one of those kids that are naturally  the all round perfect kid.

19) Arcadia high school is a special place, minus all the controversy that happen I love the place and have made some many friends here and I wouldn’t change to go to any other school. I have met my best and closest friends at Arcadia and have so many hilarious, fun, and happy memories at this school. I know when I graduate I’m going to be in tears I really am enjoying my high school years at Arcadia.

Part 3:

1) If I could be another person I would be my best friend Meghan. This girl is the most amazing person I know. She is nothing but the sweetest, smartest, and caring person I know. She is the complete opposite of me but is the most special person I know. I would love to be just like her she has the talent to do anything in life I admire her so much and look up to. She’s always there for me and says the right things. I wish I could be her she is like my hero.

2) A gift I would give is to my mother. I would give my mom her family back, the one she deserved as a kid. Her family all split up with divorces and moving away and mean step mothers and step fathers. She had it so hard she moved out at age sixteen. After all the problems happened she hasn’t seen her mother or father in over twenty something years. I just wish I could give her back a childhood she had missed out on because I know she tries to make mine a good one.

3) The color hot pink I think describes me best I think it’s vibrant and fun which is how I try to be. I always want to make people around me happy and cheer up a whole place. The color is also very feminine and girly, which I have got to be the biggest girly girl in all of New York! No other color could represent me better.

4) If I were a non living object I would be a lip gloss because everywhere I go I shine! There is not one room I don’t walk into and people don’t notice me. And plus lip gloss gets carried around in a purse with other cosmetics which would be my friends, like in real life as a person me and my friend Shauna sit there for hours talking about makeup! And also if I was a lip gloss I’d defiantly have sparkles in me because I enjoy being on stage ever since I was a little girl I have been doing recitals on stage and even in cheerleading I love to sparkle and shine all the time! ***that rhymes :o)***

5) The animal I am most like is a kitten, because they need to be treated with care and be dolled up. Also kittens can sometimes be moody and so can I at times they always seem like they have feelings too and either they can be real playful or want to be left alone. They also are very sneaky they’ll come up behind you out of know where! I’m just like that. Kittens are very prissy and I admit so am I.

6) To keep my mental health optimal with skills in health and physical education is I talk to friends and family members to keep my head on straight and I do all the right amounts of exercise needed and take in healthy foods as well.

To keep social health at an optimal level I participate in gym class. Join a sports team and do activities with friends to stay active and in shape. I keep my physical health by exercising, eating healthy and getting a yearly checkup to make sure I have all the right nutrition’s and calcium in me and make sure I'm at the weight I’m supposed to be at and that my body is functioning at a regular pace.


7) What I do to keep my self from getting a mental illness or if having one controlling it is I usually talk to friends about my problems and at first try to handle it myself. If that fails then I tell my parents how I am feeling and get help from a doctor or a psychiatrist. This way I could talk through my health issues and get the right medications to treat them.


Transcendentalism Essay

Stephanie Oliva  Transcendentalism Essay

Essay #1  Period 7

 Individual worth, what does this mean? I think it can be best described by this comment said by E.E Commings who states, ”To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” Having pride in your own self is important, we all can’t be molded into what is known as the “Ideal” person. If there is no such thing as being perfect, then why do we try so hard to achieve this? People should be their own person we did come into this world by ourselves so we should show who we truly are inside and out.

 God created everyone different we all have gifts to share. To act or follow some one else in life is a lie to your own self, instead you should look inside and find your true self being. An example of individuality being abused is teenagers in school; they will do anything to follow the crowd. Teenagers lose all of their  independent thoughts and values when trying to please others around them. It’s hard to find friends that truly show their true colors. Self image is a major set back on being happy with individuality it makes people do outrageous things to be satisfied but in the end who is really gaining anything from this, because your still the same person maybe just with a new haircut! Life is to short, make the best of it.

 Individual worth is to love your self for the way you are, everyone has it in them but just need to choose to bring it out and walk with the strength and ambition to succeed. When life hands you something good don’t people use it, then why not when given the gift of individuality we take it for granted? Expressing your self is showing everyone you don’t care and you have self respect.  If more of us would let our true personalitie s you would gain a higher out look on living. Life comes from your own soul and should be cherished at ever moment.

 Individualism provides us with the knowledge that we are our own person. A person’s values and beliefs should be held onto and not interfered by pressures of others to make you think differently. “Be true to your ideals, for ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. By following them you will be reaching your destiny.” That quote explains the importance of individual worth. All of us should show who we really are and how special God has made each of us.

Stephs Poems

Additional Information


By: Stephanie Oliva  


I stare at your photo

Trying to make you real

Thinking back on memories

Closing my eyes and wishing u were there

I’m glad I have this picture

I think of all the good times we had

I wish this photo would come to life

So I can feel you with me again

I stare at your photo

To always remember those special days


I didn’t know how much I’d miss you

Until you were gone

I didn’t see it coming

Until I heard the news

I didn’t realize how much you meant to me

Until you left me

I know I won’t see you no more

Until we meet in heaven

Forever Friends

I know someone who knows me best

Better than the rest

She never makes me frown

She’s just fun to be around

Around her I can be me

It’s my personality she always sees

Forever Friends we will stay

I grow to love her more each day

Sky Gazing

You look into the sky

Wishing you could fly

Fly to a special place

A place of warmth and sweet embrace

You fly to heaven where god will be

Love and beauty is what you see

This is a place you don’t want to leave

But there’s so much on earth you have to achieve

You fly on back to the ground

Where you feel your life has yet to be found

Say what’s on my mind





Advice giver



Easy to talk to


You look at me

But you don’t know me you only know what you see

Try to really know me look into my eyes

Look past my disguise

You’ll see a girl who doesn’t know what she wants

You’ll see a girl whose fears just haunt

You’ll see a girl confused and lost

Back and forth my feelings are tossed

Now you look at me what do you see?

Is it the same girl I used to be?

Learning and Moving on

The night I cried my self to sleep

Was the night I realized he wasn’t worth it

I learned I could live with out him

I learned there are other guys

Guys that will care about me

And that won’t hurt me and make me cry

I also learned that no guys is ever worth crying over

My Angel

You must be an angel that I do believe

Everything you’ve helped me achieve

You fill me with happiness in my heart

I hope we never fall apart

You provide me with so much care and love

I thank whoever sent you from above

If you are who I perceive

You must be and angel I honestly believe


Happy to support there team

Exciting to watch


Ready to dominate

Loyal to you team

Endless friendships

Always ready to go out there and win

Daring and determined

Eye catching

Really hard working

Some One Special

You have no clue

I love everything about you

Since the day we met you’ve been in my dreams

I think of you every minute it seems

I hate this feeling inside my heart

It’s been tearing me apart

My stomach is turning when we talk at night

I just can’t keep you out of my sight

I long for the day we can be together

This time I won’t leave you it will be forever!