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Steph 18

This Site is dedicated to my beautiful sister who passed away on November 4th 2005 following a car accident. Words can't describe what I have been going through since Steph was taken from us. This site will be a great way for people to get together and share stories, memories, or just to pay tribute to my sister. I also want to use this site to help others who have or are going through similar situations and also for people who have had gone through this to come forward to maybe help other's. So if you have anything that you would like to add to this page such as stories, pictures or any sort of feed back please email me. If you would like to send a message to Stephanie, My family or any or just post a memory please sign the Guestbook.



Steph looking so proud

A Message from Mom (Mooch)

I Would like to ask every one who has visited Stephanie's website if
they have a funny story to tell about her or how you were touched in
some way by her or how you  met her or anything about her. Please write
it on her guest book or you can also put it on her family and friend
page and we can also add a picture on it if you have one or maybe we
might have one. We look forward to reading things about her that we may
have not have known or hear something funny about her. It helps us get
through the day reading things about her. I know my daughter has touched
many of you, because knowing over 5500 people from all over came to see
her. It was bitter sweet.When you send something you are helping us
keeping her alive in our memories and in our hearts. That is what this
web site is all about. Everyone who has been in our lifes since this
tragic accident may GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU

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Me and Steph


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If you have any more stories, pictures or feed back please E-Mail me or sign Steph's Guestbook

Updated: November 3, 2016